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Great eyewear combines function, fashion and self expression.   Don’t make such an important decision without the guidance of eyewear and eyeglass fashion consulting.  Cyndy Grady and her staff guide you through all the details in a relaxing and enjoyable, one-on-one atmosphere.  The service is professional yet laid back and without pressure.


How Does Our Fashion Consultation Work?

  • We begin by thoroughly learning about each patient, tailoring their experience specifically to their needs.
  •  Our extensively trained staff work one-on-one with you in selecting frames to try on from our  wide range of possibilities –  pushing the boundaries just a bit!
  • While you focus on how the frame looks, our fashion consultants evaluate all the other needed aspects, including prescription and lens options.
  • Frame selection is such an important component, we do not offer self-service “looking at/trying on frames”.
  • By taking the time to understand the patient and with knowledge of the extensive inventory, we’ve enjoyed long standing, trusting relationships with our patients.


Distinctive and Unique Eyewear

  • As a small independently owned private practice, we are committed and proud to support small boutique frame lines.  We share a love in offering the unique and thrive on separating ourselves from the pack.
  • What makes these designers so unique?  They do not manufacture for the masses, they want their frames to be distinctive in quality, workmanship and design.
  • Within the high end boutique designer lines, each has their own distinctive “personalities”.  Your perception of eyeglasses will be redefined.
  • Leader of the pack?  These Euro designers are sold across the pond, and at Grady Design Harborside Eye Care, at least two years before reaching popularity in the U.S.
  • Our mid-priced independent designers distinguish themselves with unusual pairings of colors and the subtle design differences that set them apart.
  • We also carry entry level priced frames for those needing to stay within a budget.


What do we provide?

  • Personalized Fashion Consulting
  • Focusing on Eyewear, Eyeglasses, & Frames
  • Enhance Your Personal Style & Image
  • Experience the Luxury of an Experienced Fashion Consultation
  • Your Vision Needs Are Always Considered
  • We Draw Clients From Chicago to Milwaukee!

Since we provide a personal and custom experience, we request that you schedule an appointment.