Contact Lenses

Serving Kenosha, WI & Pleasant Prairie, WI

While we love glasses here, many of you might be considering contact lenses – we’ve got you covered! There’s a lot to know about contact lenses to ensure that they are comfortable and healthy on your eyes. Dr. Grady is a Wisconsin Board Certified Optometrist and has been fitting patients with contacts for over 30 years. We welcome new and old patients to schedule a visit with Dr. Grady to discuss contact lens options. There are more options for bifocal contact lenses than ever before ! 


Personal Touch

When it come to contact lenses, having an optometrist that is foremost concerned on YOU is of utmost importance. Unlike some eye care centers, where technicians do much of the eye exam protocol, Dr. Grady provides the entire analysis and fitting involved with your contact lens selection. Review of your past, present, and future needs are of primary concern – all done in a friendly, conversational manner. We believe that your participation is a key element in the successful outcome, so we ensure that you are educated and engaged throughout the exam.


We have some of the latest technologies for examining your eyes to ensure we select the correct contact lenses for you. If you need special or hard-to-fit contacts, we have the technology and expertise to provide the best results.

Integrative Approach

Understanding that your eyes and vision are not just an isolated part of your body is big part of what we do here at Grady Design Harborside Eye Care. Literally, the eyes are a direct extension of your brain. Health aspects and visual aspects are often considered separate entities, yet they are integrated into the same system. Nutrition and exercise are very important components to your eye and body health. Dr. Grady will take all of this into consideration when examining your eyes for contacts.


Dr. Grady has 30+ years of experience in comprehensive contact lens evaluation and prescription. He has years of clinical experience working with surgeons, providing pre and post operative care. Dr. Grady keeps current on optometric and ophthalmological trends by attending supplemental educational courses, in addition to mandatory continuing education courses. You will always have the benefit of being able to ‘trial wear’ the best type of contact lenses for yourself, before buying them.

Contact Lens Services Provided:

  • Comprehensive Contact Lens Exam
  • Eye Health Test
  • Contact Lens Type Consulting
  • Bifocal Lens Options